Feel Again With Tallulah’s Debut Visuals

London’s soul-pop über babe releases her first set of visuals.

You may remember the interview we conducted a while back with London’s very own Tallulah.

When we last spoke to the soul-pop vocalist it was ahead of her debut music video ‘I Feel Again’. Well, fashionably late (as ever), we’re pleased to announce the video is now live and has not disappointed.

The video features party scenes combined with a sturdy mix of performance shots, giving the track a video that compliments not only the tune but the overall feel of the release. With the success of ‘I Feel Again’, we’re more than looking forward to future releases from Tallulah.

If you haven’t read the interview with her you can do that here. 

Photos courtesy of Harry F Conway & Tallulah.
Video directed by Oliver Cargill & Tallulah

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