Painting and Riding What’s Left of a Burnt Out Skatepark

Gone but not forgotten, riding the skatepark lost in flames, just one last time.

I heard about this spot for a while and understandably had always assumed it was beyond ridable. The place has been derelict for years with next-to-no coverage since it was abandoned. Keep in mind that two of my favourite things in life are: exploring and skateboarding, so when the two occasionally cross paths it’s always a blessing. When a friend suggested we head down and have a look it was a no-brainer. We set out on a sunny Sunday for a full day of exploring. In the morning, hitting an abandoned swimming pool with great success left me with high hopes for the skatepark. Getting down proved rather challenging, after ignoring a diversion we found ourselves slap-bang in the middle of a Remembrance Sunday parade. Undeterred we eventually found our way there and after a lengthy battle with the perimeter carting a ton of equipment we were inside.

Upon arrival, memories came flooding back of skating the ramps prior to the fire. Normally when I go to explore a derelict place it’s the first time I have laid eyes on it. Occasionally I hit a spot that I have seen in full working order and it’s the strangest feeling ever. This was no different.


“Hitting ramps that most wouldn’t dare to go near…”

Parts of the park are still rideable, however, there are parts which are best avoided. The elements have taken a baseball bat to some of the ramps and made them impossible to hit. We determined which were safe and set about clearing away the debris. Once the ramps were cleared it was time to start riding.

After a few hours, the results were better than I initially imagined. Everyone who came down killed it, hitting ramps that most wouldn’t dare to go near. We rode until the light coming in through the battered up roof faded. Once it was fully dark I spent some time light painting and nearly set Moz on fire in the process. Overall a top skate, I managed to come away with some great photos and RIZ hit the place with a killer piece.

Before the question gets asked – I’m not one for giving away locations and I would rather not say where this place is. In the hands of the wrong people, this spot will ultimately get ruined. I’m sure someone will drop the bomb after seeing this article. To that person, I say think before you comment and the spot can probably be enjoyed by many more people before it gets destroyed or locked off for good. If you decide to comment the location anyway I say “fuck you!”

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