Farewell Agfa – The End of Poundland Film

The golden era has finally come to an end and it has been confirmed that Poundland will no longer be stocking AGFA VISTA 200. After not seeing it on the shelves for a number of months I decided to drop their head office a line and check if it was just another stocking issue, I did not get the response I’d hoped for.

Dear Eckers,
Thank you for your email.
We have discontinued the AGFA Vista Film, This item is no longer available in our warehouse and we have no future orders placed.
I appreciate this may be disappointing and can assure you our buyers will endeavour to bring similar products to our customer in the future.
Kind Regards
Customer Relations

This is terrible news which will leave shooters up and down the country wondering where to source their next roll of discount film. The move however not is unexpected from Poundland, the mere fact that they have managed to stock the film for £1 a roll for so many years is incredible, but with rising costs and so many people racking full boxes of the stuff straight off the shelves, it’s no surprise they have discontinued it. 

We can only hope that they come through with an alternative product as they stated in their email to me. In the meantime you’re probably thinking the same as me “What the fuck am I going to do without my £1 AGFA?!?” and while it may be difficult to source a roll as cheap as £1 there are still some options for the budget shooter. First of all, you can still find the film online for around £2-£4 a roll on sites like eBay and Amazon, failing that Tudor sell the same film under the name Tudorcolor XLX200 and this can be snapped up at around £1.99. Boots also sell a pack of Fujicolor C200 in which you get 5 rolls for £14.99, however for the best prices we recommend finding your local camera shop and trying to barter with the gaffer.

To mark the end of the AGFA Vista era, we want you to submit your best flicks shot on AGFA, the winners will be featured on our website and our number one favourite shot will be put across all our social media platforms and we’ll even send you an AGFA keyring!

Submit all photos to eckers@doinbits.uk 

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