Free Downloads: Mixes and Music

Free music is always a blessing and this time we’re the ones dishing it out!

The artists behind all of this have to be praised, both for the hard work and perseverance they’ve displayed in mastering their craft.┬áThe first of our freebies was our maiden SoundCloud post a fair few months ago. The idea originally came after the Issue One launch party and was comprised by non-other than Drae Da Skimask.

Next up we have one of the iciest producers in the UK hip-hop game right now. Morriarchi has been working with a number of names that you’ll already be banging through your speaker but managed to drop us a (w)rap up of 2016 in his free time.

To finish off we have a track from Manchester based producer Dowsen. He’s been rising through the ranks recently with his punchy production and keen work rate. This one’s a remix of AJ Tracey’s ‘Champions League’ – Enjoy!

If you want to get involved with producing mixes and tracks with DOIN’ BITS or want to promote your work, email with as much detail as possible with ‘Music Submission’ as the subject of the email – otherwise we may not see it!

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