If you take a look at his CV (printed on gold paper and supplied by the devil) you’ll see that his only grades from school are:  Slapping the UK’s music video scene into place and something that reads along the lines of “Cognac Sailor of the Seven Seas.” Working with the majority of Hip-Hop artists currently making movements in rapid concession, the only person he hasn’t worked with will be your grandparents – and I can’t even promise that.

Aside from drinking copious amounts of liquor, linking your relatives in strip clubs and laying down the law when it comes down to working the camera, ABOVEGROUND has successfully documented one of the largest arrays of young up and coming talent spread across the globe in recent years.

Working with labels such as Blah and High Focus, he’s crafted a style like no other currently in the game. One of his best known videos circulating the web is ‘The Four Owls – Think Twice,’ it’s sat on YouTube with just over 2 million views and counting. It almost seems to us that anything Above touches turns to gold, or at least a major hit on the internet.

Just in case you needed any more solidifying in the fact that Above is taking over the world step by step – take a look at his flicks. Shooting predominantly on film and occasionally digital, his pictures are second to none. Fitting the era he’s shooting in perfectly in not only style, but also a great deal of relevance.

Just in case you needed any more solidifying in the fact that Above is currently taking over the world step by step – take a look at his flicks.”

The worst thing a photographer can do in terms of subject is pigeon hole themselves – from my point of view anyway. Something that hasn’t yet crossed paths with ABOVEGROUND and something that thankfully I believe never will. The diversity of lifestyles falling into his aim is almost impressive: graffiti writers, girls & gangsters. Straight up G’s.

This is the man that wrote the rule book on racking 35mm film; an art to those who practice it and has never yet been seen by a human eye.  This is a guy who knows the photo, video and hip-hop game inside-out, using street knowledge and a lack of nerves to achieve a finished product like no other. Weather he’s shooting flicks out of a potato Leica or  drinking just enough Hennessy to make it to the end of his newest oscar worthy music video, this is one cat that’s killing every mouse out there. If you didn’t previously know (without sounding overly cliché) you do now.

For more of his work: www.above-ground.com

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